Dedicated to MRO logistics management and distribution and commercial promotion of equipment and high-tech systems in the Spanish market for the aerospace, defense, space and infrastructure, which occupy a prominent place.


Logistics specialists in aeronautics



Aviation Logistics Spares has developed its logistic skills to meet the operating needs of the airlines. In our operating market, we offer distribution, trade promotion and logistic support. Aviation Logistics provides services such as bids, orders follow-up and administrative management.

Our main clients are present among the major aircraft operators.

In the markets we operate, we offer trade promotion as well as distribution services. At the same time, we offer integrated maintenance solutions and logistic support. On the other side, due to our position and knowledge in the areas we currently are present, we can offer different advice and executive support.


Any Destination

All the components you need

Door to Door

We drop ship all components you need around the world door to door as an AOG.

Aviation Logistics Spares is specialized in covering the necessities of repairment of the elements from any aircraft guaranteeing the highest quality, by providing logistic services.

These services include as well the repairment management of the parts, repairs, reviews, technical assistance and standard exchanges.

Our know-how and the broad relation of agreements with manufactures and repair centers, allow us to supply any element in the best market conditions, as well as to find the best alternative for the equipment repairment.

Our services are currently being provided to all kind of aircrafts from helicopters to planes either civil or military.

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